Ini Bedanya Kamera iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, dan 12 Pro Max Halaman all -

Several months ago, on this occasion, Apple introduced a line of the latest features and technology that it has and that will be used in products made by Apple. Most of these are operating systems for Apple devices, such as iOS 14 for iPhone and iPod Touch, iPadOS for iPad, macOS Big Sur for Mac computers, tvOS for Apple TV, and WatchOS for Apple Watch.

One of the technology implementations released by Apple is its flagship gadget or smartphone, namely Buy iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is equipped with the latest features.

Here are some of the features that Apple presents in the operating system.

• MacOS Big Sur or Safari. Safari is a typical browser owned by Apple. On macOS Big Sur, Safari can monitor passwords that are stored by users in case they are compromised. There is also a “Privacy Report” button that will tell you what data is being tracked by recently visited sites. There are also new features that allow users to adjust images on browser pages, Reading List, as well as additional iCloud tabs on the browser.

• iOS 14, App Library. This feature is similar to Android’s App Drawer. The App Library functions to automatically group applications into certain categories, such as recently added for new applications installed, social media, entertainment, and so on.

• App Clips Apple now presents App Clips, an application that can make it easier for users to make payment transactions. With App Clips, Apple users can use the NFC and QR Code features to carry out activities such as paying for parking.