What is the Importance and Frequency of Data Backups for an E-commerce Website?

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The hard work which goes in building and maintaining an e-commerce website for your business cannot be undermined. It is a valuable asset for your business which can make or break any business. But disaster can strike anytime. Even a small bug can break your website and cause a heavy amount of loss. One way to prepare yourself for such unforeseen circumstances is to make a complete backup for your website so that the data can be restored in the least possible time. 

Importance of data backup for an e-commerce website

  1. Hard work going in the drain
    Building an e-commerce website requires a lot of investment and hard work. If data loss happens, all the hard work may go into the drain. It is essential to create frequent backups to restore your website.
  2. Downtime is a disease
    Downtime not only disables your website from interacting with potential customers but also creates distrust among users from accessing your website in the future. A smooth recovery process with the help of backups can avert such fears among customers.
  3. Reputation damage
    If your website is down due to a security breach, then it doesn’t help your reputation in the market. People find it difficult trusting a system which has already been breached.
  4. Employee theft
    Surveys suggest that 85% of the employees have leaked vital information of some type. This mostly happens in anger and long-term discontent among employees. A proper backup and disaster recovery plan can protect against such acts of your employees. 
  5. Keeping pace with the advancement
    Cloud-based technologies, like Cloud storage and Cloud Hosting services, are the future. It is important to keep pace with technological advancement, so your business stays relevant. 

Best practices for a backing up your website

  1. Hosting policy
    Many hosting providers take the backup responsibility on
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