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Reasons to Use WordPress Website Platform

If you wish to determine whether WordPress is an effective platform for making a website, you should stay with us to learn more about it. If you own a small or middle-sized business, you can use many website building platforms such as Wix, Weebly, or WordPress.

Each option has specific advantages and disadvantages, while others are used for niche websites with particular purposes. 

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For instance, if you wish to run an online store, you can take advantage of Shopify. It is way better to start by creating an e-Commerce platform instead of a blog as other platforms mentioned above.

Other options are more flexible for specific niches and users, which is why you should take advantage of one based on your preferences. 

In the further article, we will talk about the reasons you should use the WordPress platform.

  1. Open-Source and Affordable

The main reason most businesses use WordPress is due to its free-to-use possibility. Of course, the main idea is you can pay for specific plugins and themes or choose a subscription plan monthly or annually to obtain a wide array of options.

Still, you can download it for free because it is an open-source project that entered the online market back in 2003. It means numerous contributors have been developing it throughout the years. 

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Open-source means free, while it has a significant number of people within a community. Users are beta testing specific brands, but you do not have to undergo a particular requirement for the process.

Even though it is self-hosting, you should know that prominent websites will not reach high search engine rankings without dedicated or shared hosting you can use.

 Of course, the amount depends on what you wish to create, which means you should take advantage of affordable servers for blogs, while more serious ones should use dedicated options.

At the same time, you can find a wide array of plugins and themes for free. Still, premium options come with better quality support and features than free-to-use options. Therefore, you will have to spend more on extra services.

For instance, you may need to find someone to adjust your CSS code or design a logo, which is an additional payment you must make. 

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Still, if you have enough skills, you can prevent additional expenses and keep them at a minimum. 

  1. Adaptable for Numerous Website Options

The main misconception is that WordPress is created explicitly for blogs and similar posts. Of course, in the beginning, people used it for these reasons, mainly because it was the central blogging platform online. 

However, various releases and technological advancements changed its use. The facts are you can still use it for blogging requirements because it is the fastest and straightforward way to publish posts from the very start.

Still, you can take advantage of design and building tools to create a professional website for your business purposes. For instance, you can use it for e-Commerce reasons, which requires more action, but you can do it by finding a professional designer to help you.

With WordPress, you can make a wide array of websites such as business sites, blogs, e-commerce, forums, portfolios, eLearning, membership, ratings, and self-promotion options, among other things.

Of course, we can differentiate other means, especially because WordPress comes with features to create e-Commerce or forum websites by implementing proper themes and plugins. 

Therefore, if you wish to create an online portfolio for your freelancing business, you should choose a theme to ensure the best course of action. Of course, you will need a small one-time expense, but you can take your business to the next level.

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  1. You Can Upload Various Media Types

WordPress accepts various file options, including videos, audio, documents, and images in all formats and capabilities. 

Of course, some formats such as SVGs are prohibited, but you can find ways to do it by checking out online tutorials for additional help.

It is vital to ensure everything you wish to achieve, which will provide you peace of mind.

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