Grosche Moka Pot Review 2020 | The Strategist

Photo-Illustration: retailer

It started with my friend Alex, whom I met at a food conference in Philly in 2019. We began following each other on Instagram, and that’s where he introduced me to the wonders of the moka pot. It wasn’t as if I’d never seen one — go anywhere in Europe or Latin America and you’ll see them around — but I’d never actually observed one in action.

In Alex’s clip, a slow, steady stream of dark-brown liquid gold flowed through a narrow spout and cascaded into the prismatic silver pot. He set the video to music, though I can’t recall the song, and I thought to myself, I’ve never seen something so beautiful. A week later, a moka pot arrived at my desk as part of a PR package I hadn’t asked for. It had to be fate. Two YouTube videos and a bag of coffee beans later, I was ready to use my one-cup moka pot at home.