iFixit starts selling Pixel parts for DIY repairs

If your is in need of some care, you can now buy official parts to try and fix the problem yourself. Parts and detailed repair guides for Pixel 2 and above are from .

The include screens, batteries, rear cameras and charging ports. They’re available à la carte and iFixit plans to offer more types of parts in the future. You can also buy Fix Kits, which iFixit says include everything that a Pixel user needs to repair their device. Each kit comes with a gizmo to open the phone and official adhesive to seal it back up. The parts have a lifetime guarantee from iFixit — save for batteries, which have a one-year guarantee.

At the outset, iFixit is selling the parts in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and other European countries where Google offers Pixels. The company also plans to support future Pixel models as soon as possible after launch. It will have guides and parts for this fall, for instance. In addition, iFixit is selling parts wholesale to independent repair shops.

Google and iFixit to offer Pixel users official parts. and have also committed to enabling customers to self-repair devices. The smartphone makers made those moves amid a broader push for right-to-repair rules. 

Earlier this month, the New York state assembly , which is now on the governor’s desk to sign or veto. Only a few other states have passed similar legislation. The Federal Trade Commission has also at illegal repair restrictions.

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