Sonos vows to fix stuttering surround sound caused by 14.6 software update

Some Sonos entrepreneurs have been obtaining a torrid time a short while ago. Subsequent the 14.6 software update that dropped at the conclusion of April, people utilizing the speakers as element of a encompass sound multimedia set up have claimed stuttering, out-of-sync, and unreliable audio.

This has been reported by multiple people and seems to effect people viewing television, videos, or enjoying online games — with all those only listening to new music unimpacted.

According to a variety of reviews, this situation with audio dropping occurs when customers have their speakers established up to acquire benefit of the hardware’s encompass audio capabilities. The troubles regularly start when switching amongst resources (say game titles consoles and tv).

Some have fastened this by restarting the Sonos units — but the audio troubles start off again when switching to a further supply.

Over modern a long time, Sonos has moved further than staying a very simple service provider of wireless audio, as a substitute concentrating on offering a comprehensive audio experience. This has led to the corporation releasing the Arc soundbar (a Dolby Atmos speaker for property theaters), along with for a longer time-standing goods like its subwoofer (named, shockingly, the Sub).

In fact, the firm now bundles these items (together with two One SL speakers) in its Residence Theater deal — and it’s the engineering powering this encompass audio set up which is leading to the trouble for quite a few users.

Fortunately, this was finally by a Sonos consultant on the company’s discussion board:

sonos surround system 14.6 software update issue