Trends in Dedicated Server Hosting to Watch Out For

Majority of the businesses these days are giving up shared hosting and going for cheap dedicated server hosting. This is mainly because of the exceptional control, security and power offered by dedicated servers. With dedicated server hosting, the owners of a site do not need to go through the hassle of sharing server resources with the other sites.  UK dedicated server hosting from Onlive Server offers scalability, stronger security, better performance and the ability of attracting and handling more traffic. If reports are to be believed, the market for dedicated hosting is growing at a very fast pace. Having said that, there are a few latest trends in the field of dedicated server hosting to watch out for. We will be having a look at them below:

Increased Affordability

UK dedicated server hosting is becoming more affordable than what it was earlier. This is mainly due to the fact that more and more people are going for cheap dedicated server hosting for meeting their demands. Therefore, there is a lot of competition among the hosting providers. This has forced them to offer dedicated server hosting services within an affordable range.

Yet another major reason behind the   reduced prices of dedicated servers is a decrease in the cost of bandwidth over the years. Thus, there are more and more business website owners and even individual site owners going for UK dedicated server hosting.

Major Emphasis is on Cyber Security

Companies dealing in cyber security came up with forecasts saying cyber threats might cost approximately $6 trillion every year. The figures show that cybercrime would become more profitable in comparison to trading in illegal drugs across the world. Data breach, ransom ware and DDoS attacks are getting mainstream at present. While such threats will not be stopping individuals from using the different online solutions, however, there are good chances of an increase in the demand for boosting IT security. Hence, hosting providers now have their focus on offering stronger security attributes with their dedicated servers along with the other hosting packages they deal in. Take for example, there are many hosting providers offering basic DDoS attack safeguard and free SSL certificates. There are even others that offer the same features but charge their clients.

Increase in the Demand for Dedicated Game Servers

Nowadays, it is being concluded that the modern games available on the internet can be best played on dedicated game servers. After all, once cannot imagine a certain game that takes time to load or is disturbed by performance lags or dropped connections frequently. This might simply frustrate the users. This is the main reason why more and more gaming enthusiasts are now shifting their focus to dedicated server hosting for playing some of their most favorite games. Going for a UK dedicated server for gaming does not have an impact on the stability and performance of the site where the game is played. Thus, the gamers have a great experience altogether.

Storage Technology Moving to SSDs

The storage technologies used in a cheap dedicated server include SSDs or solid-state drives and HDDs or hard-disk drives. HDDs have long been around and they go a long way in reducing physical size and increasing storage potential. On the other hand, SDDs are modern technology offering top quality performance and high storage potential. UK dedicated server hosting trend is that there is an increased use of SDD in place of HDD.  One of the most important reasons behind this is performance. Where HDDs provide throughputs of around 200 Mbps, SSDs are able to read data up to 3, 500 Mbps and they can write data up to 2, 100 Mbps.

How will the Trends Increase the Demand for Dedicated Server Hosting?

These are probably some of the topmost trends in the category of dedicated server hosting. These trends are sure to define the future of website server hosting. While cheap dedicated server hosting will be dominating the entire hosting arena, it should also be noted that cloud computing shall serve as the base for modern digital technologies. Times are changing at a very fast pace and it is absolutely true that as people get to know more about these dedicated server hosting trends, they will be turning to this medium as fast as possible. One of the most important trends mentioned above is the decrease in the price of UK dedicated server hosting. This trend has already proved to be advantageous for the people and there are more and more site owners thus turning to dedicated server hosting because of the reduced prices. In the same way, the other trends in this category will also govern the preferences of the people.

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Some frequently asked questions in the context of dedicated server hosting are as follows:

Do I need dedicated server hosting?

If you are the owner of a large site witnessing a lot of traffic everyday then you definitely require dedicated server hosting solutions.

Is dedicated server hosting affordable?

Yes, for large site owners it would be an affordable service considering they get services worth the money they pay for the same.

What do I get with a dedicated server?

You get dedicated RAM, bandwidth, CPU and memory.

What about customer support?

Reliable and popular hosting providers like Onlive Server are known for the customer support they offer.

How to make the right choice?

You need to carry out proper research in trying to choose the most reliable dedicated server hosting provider.