5 Friendly Foods On The Planet

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Some foods earn the title of superfood due to their health effects. Healthy and friendly foods are known as disease-fighting ninjas that enhance immune functions, combat bruises, and are helpful in the weight-losing process. These foods are superfoods on the planet. When you visit any restaurant, you invest your trust and money on the foods they provide. Now the question is, which is the best restaurant that provides quality foods and best customer services, discounts, offers, etc. You can check the services of good companies by reading the reviews of visitors, opinions, and complaints of the customers.

Fresh Foods 

Everyone desires fresh food. Do you not? Obviously, you want. We want to feel healthy and fresh throughout the day. Therefore we should take a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here is some healthiest food you should really taste. If you want to avoid the exhausting duty of food preparing, you can order for ready-made food plan (opinions on US-Reviews).


As we know, take an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apple is tasty food, and you can add it to your breakfast because it has a high quality of fiber and vitamin C. If you take the apple with its peel, it will decrease your Cholesterol and increase sexual pleasures! Skins of the apples have numerous benefits for human beings. Some of them are, fighting with cancer, increase the growth of friendly bacteria, and help to lose weight. Cool to know!


Oats are heart-loving grains, and almost 75% of US householders keep in their pantry. Oats are rich in soluble fiber, which helps to impede health issues, especially obesity-related. It also prevents diabetes and heart diseases reducing blood pressure and from many other conditions. A bowl of oat on a daily base will make you healthy and fit.

Olive Oil 

Olive oil is known as liquid gold. Regular intake of olive oil will keep you away from dangerous diseases like cancer, heart issues, health issues, and obesity-related problems. Olive oil is also suggested to reduce the belly fat and shorter the risk of strokes. You can use it in cooking as well. Do you know the first Olympians we’re rewards with olive oil for their Athlete feats? 


Among all the vegetables, Americans eat more tomatoes and tomatoes related products than any others. The study suggests that regular intake of tomatoes lower cardiovascular diseases, skin damage, and cancer, especially women from breast cancer. Besides cooking, you can eat it in raw form. Tomatoes are known as non-starchy vegetables.

Lentils Soap

Lentils are accessible pulse around the world. To make the lentils a part of your diet will prevent you from many diseases such as decreased cholesterol, reduce inflammation ( according to an estimation lentil can decrease a condition related to inflammation by 22% ). Cool to notice!