London During Night: What to Do in London At Night?

Once you arrive at some of London’s airports and your airport transfer takes you to your accommodation, you can gain a distinct view of the British capital by seeing the city at night when the London skyline is lighted.

London at night - an evidence base for a 24-hour city | London City Hall

Among the many important monuments and tourist attractions in London that I recommend visiting at night are the Big Ben clock tower, the London Eye, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the renowned Tower of London Bridge.

New skyscrapers are being added to the London skyline every year, making seeing the city at night even more stunning. This is in addition to the city’s tourism attractions.

And, of course, seeing London illuminated at night is only part of the experience; knowing where to go to make it a fantastic night is also essential.

Taking a Thames river cruise at night

A cruise on the Thames is unquestionably one of the best ways to take in the sights of London at night. As a result of this, you will get spectacular and unequalled views of the city’s skyscrapers and major tourist sites from the river’s edge.

If you want to make it a special cruise, you may arrange a sunset cruise that includes champagne, or you can treat that special someone to a Thames cruise that includes dinner.


If you enjoy theatre, London has an enormous selection of theatrical productions to choose from. In the area surrounding Covent Garden and Leicester Square, the majority of the theaters are clustered.

There are numerous pubs and restaurants in the surrounding area where they may enjoy a drink or a meal before or after the show.

Musicals are a staple of the capital’s cultural life; among the most well-known are The Lion King, Wicked, Matilda, Thriller, Les Miserables, School of Rock, Mary Poppins, and many other productions.

If you’re looking for outdoor theatre, you may catch open-air performances in the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre and Shakespeare’s Globe during the summer months. In the latter case, Shakespeare’s 16th-century theatre recreation is shown (the original was set on fire). You can witness plays in the open air in this location, just as they were originally performed.

Dining in a restaurant with a view of London

It should come as no surprise that the centre of London is teeming with pubs and restaurants, particularly in the more tourist-oriented neighbourhoods such as Soho and Covent Garden.

However, if you are looking to book somewhere exceptional, I believe that booking a restaurant with a view is the most excellent option for you.

The restaurants are located in two of London’s most iconic buildings, the Sky Garden and the Shard. However, in addition to these two well-known restaurants, there are a number of other establishments that provide spectacular views of the British city.

Night city tour

In addition to the numerous tours offered throughout the day in London, it is also possible to participate in one of the many night excursions provided across the city at various times of the night.

This is an excellent way to view London at night without missing any of the city’s most essential attractions and snap some stunning photographs. 

Visiting The Shard at night

The Shard, London’s tallest building, includes a viewing platform on its 72nd level, one of the city’s newest tourist attractions and one of the world’s most visited tourist destinations.

A view of London from the top of the Shard at night is undoubtedly one of the city’s most impressive structures at night, and climbing to the top of the Shard at night is undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime event.

We went in the afternoon to see the sunset, and to be honest, it was just breathtaking.

The Shard is open till 9 p.m. (although you must arrive before 7 p.m. to gain entry), and you must purchase tickets in advance.

Attending the Key Ceremony at the Tower of London

Taking place every night for the previous 700 years, the enigmatic ceremonial of the keys of the Tower of London is undoubtedly the most ancient ceremony on the planet, and it has been going on for centuries. Ceremonial closing of the Tower of London’s door, where the British crown jewels are stored, takes place every night.

To be able to attend the ceremony of the keys, it is necessary to make a reservation in advance through the Tower of London’s official website. It is crucial to make reservations 6 to 12 months in advance because tickets sell out really quickly!

Rooftop cinema

For movie lovers, one good choice is to watch a movie outside in one of London’s rooftop cinemas, which are becoming increasingly popular. A unique activity for summer evenings, this is a must-try. You can purchase your tickets either online or at the theater box office. You will be provided with headphones and blankets to enjoy the movie outside, and if it rains, they will also give covers to keep you safe.