Nvidia’s ultra-thin VR glasses concept wants to banish bulky headsets

One particular of the major challenges facing mainstream adoption of VR headsets is their kind element. Any person acquainted with the tech will have the picture in their thoughts: a cumbersome, binocular-searching blob connected to you like the facehugger from Alien.

But Nvidia needs to resolve this — and has just launched a analysis paper in collaboration with Stanford College that demonstrates a principle for an ultra-slim pair of holographic eyeglasses for virtual reality.

Very first off, let us search at why today’s VR headsets are so bulky.

Successfully, this is down to the magnifier basic principle of VR display optics. As per Nvidia’s and Stanford’s paper, frequent headsets do the job with the “lens [enlarging] the picture of a small microdisplay.”

This demands a significant length involving the two, rising the size of today’s headsets to accommodate the know-how.

example of why today's VR headsets are so thick