Top travel Agencies in The world

Top 10 Travel Agencies In the World

If you are a travel enthusiast, it is always a dream to spend time exploring the world. This year, however, the lockdown and travel restrictions imposed as coronavirus containment measures have hit the tourism and travel industry hard. With time the lockdowns and travel restrictions have been eased and it is now possible to travel to certain popular global tourism destinations. However, it is important to note that during the travel you should adhere to the set coronavirus containment measures, some of which include wearing a mask and practicing social distancing. One way to ensure that you strictly follow these measures is to find reliable travel companies to guide you through your travel. UK collected reviews, will help you find reliable travel agencies through the platforms reviewed. This article goes through some of the top travel agencies that can help you out with your travel plans during these covid-19 times.

  1. Absolute travellers & Tours

Founded in 1992, Absolute Travellers & Tours specializes in offering different kinds of tours from adventurous travel, college tours, and school trips to ski trips. It has various options for clients to choose from. In which the company doesn’t strictly confine its clients to a certain group of enjoyment, but allows flexibility as per the clients desires. Other offers that the company provides include adventurous trips, and luxurious trips. This travel agency almost covers each part of the world and thus when going for it you don’t have to worry about being confined only in a small geographical area of travel. They also will guide you on the coronavirus restrictions and destination that aren’t yet safe to travel.

  1. Expedia
    This is a flagship travel agency of the Expedia Group. It suits those who prefer to book a package vacation that is all inclusive, which includes, paying for flights, car rental and accommodation all in one go. With the effects of the pandemic you don’t have to go to the agency in person to make your bookings, you can instead use the agency’s website. Under the website’s Hotels tab, select add a flight or/and car rental to your booking. By booking, car rental, flight and hotel services all simultaneously, one gets to save significantly.
  2. Classic Journeys
    Dating back to 1995, classic Journeys aims at ensuring that travelers get to explore the authenticity and culture of the destination they are travelling to. It has a team of well experienced employees who know travel destinations very well. Classic journeys also offer tailored holiday trips to any destination that a client wants to visit. It will offer great help for your travel. 
  1. Austin Adventures

Situated in Billings, Montana, Austin Adventures is family operated and owned travel Adventure Company. The company’s sense of family spreads to its company’s guide’s majority of whom have worked in the company for decades. It specializes in offering small tour group trips and a six to one guest to guide ratio trips leading to immersive and intimate experiences. The packages are offered with a money back guarantee. The fact that it offers small size group tours makes it a suitable company to go for during the pandemic when large gatherings are discouraged. Currently, Austin Adventures provide trips to more than 50 countries in 7 continents, focusing from wildlife, history, culture hiking and biking.

  1. International Expeditions
    This travel agency has won awards as an innovator in the ecotourism sector. It is located in Alabama and provides immersive travel experiences to some of the wildest areas globally. It started about 40 years ago in the Peruvian Amazon and has since grown to focus on culture and nature tours such as in India, Galapagos Islands, Costa Rica, Cuba, Iceland and more than 6 countries in Africa. A majority of international Expeditions expert naturalists and leaders are locals to the area being visited, which offers guests a chance to explore the destinations from the perspective of an insider.
  1. National Geographic Expeditions 

This is a popular brand and is part of one of the biggest educational and scientific NGOs globally, the National Geographic society. It was established in 1888 with an aim of promoting history, environmental conservation and the study of the world history and culture. They offer expert led expeditions, with the experts including art historians, anthropologists, educators, researchers and marine biologists. Adventures offered by national Geographic Expeditions are exceptionally memorable from France’s Prehistoric cave paintings, Australia’s ancient Aboriginal culture, Alaska’s whale conservation and Serengeti’s Wildlife biology, this travel agency have quite a lot of destinations to offer its clients.

In conclusion, with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic travel may prove hard. However, with the above travel agencies you can still enjoy your holiday destinations and be assured that the agency will put in place all the set coronavirus containment measures and also ensure that you adhere to the measures.