Windows 7 Runs Very Slow? How to Speed Up Windows 7 Easy and Fast

Windows 7 Runs Very Slow? How to Speed Up Windows 7 Easy and Fast

The problem with Windows 7 is that since it’s so new, many people are unaware that it can actually run slowly. This is a major issue which even the most advanced computers cannot overcome. Luckily, there’s a way to fix the problem of a slow system quickly and easily, by using a trick that not many people are even aware of.

Fortunately, you can speed it up by following these simple steps:

1. Remove any unwanted programs – Click “Start” (Windows logo bottom left of the screen) > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs. Then browse through the programs and uninstall the ones you don’t want any more. This should free up memory and make your PC able to run more programs at once.

2. Perform A Disk Defragment – Windows has a habit of storing files in varying locations on your hard drive, making it extremely difficult for it to remember the files it has. You should perform a disk defragment by clicking “Start” > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragment. Let the tool work on your hard drives and it should speed up your PC a little.

3. Keep Windows Up To Date – Windows 7 is so new that Microsoft are continually releasing updates to improve its effectiveness. You should download all the updates that are released to make sure that your PC is running as smoothly as possible.

4. Install Good Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus – Although Windows 7 has its own built-in “Windows Defender”, it’s still important to get an independent anti virus and antispyware solution to fix your PC. These tools are able to find and remove all the viruses that will make Windows 7 run slowly and keep your personal details protected as well.

5. Limit User Accounts – If you want to speed up your system, only have 1 account on it. Multiple accounts (for the likes of family or friends) dramatically reduce the speed of your PC and make it run extremely slowly. You can edit the user accounts by clicking on “Start” > Control Panel > Add Or Remove User Accounts.

6. Clean Out The Registry – Cleaning out the registry is also a good way to make Windows 7 run faster. This is a database which stores information & settings about your PC, and is where Windows ‘remembers’ everything that it needs to operate. You should clean it out with a registry cleaner, which will allow Windows to run quicker and faster than before.

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