Several Exynos-based Samsung Galaxy devices aren’t compatible with Diablo Immortal


Diablo Immortal is possibly one of the biggest mobile game launches globally. Although it has yet to release in Malaysia (coming soon on 22 June), there is news reporting that Exynos devices aren’t able to launch the mobile game at all. 

That’s right, Exynos chipsets are from Samsung Electronics and even some of the flagships with it can’t even play Diablo Immortal. According to, the mobile game encountered many graphical errors that became unplayable. Reports say that Blizzard Entertainment is working to fix the issue as we speak.

In case you’re wondering, below is a list of Samsung Galaxy devices that have a problem playing Diablo Immortal:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 series (Exynos version)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series (Exynos version)
  • Samsung Galaxy A12, A13, A21s, A51 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy A Quantum
  • Samsung Galaxy XCover 5
  • Samsung Galaxy M12, M13, and M62
  • Samsung Galaxy F12, and F62


Besides the Galaxy phones mentioned above, we have to assume that most Exynos-based devices are incompatible with Diablo Immortal. It’s hard to say whose fault was it either, and hopefully, a fixed patch will come by the time it launches in Malaysia. Stay tuned for more trending tech news at